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From the creator of the very popular Wondermailer, Hotspotmailer,
SuperListExplode, Listshock and many other mailers since 1999...

Now Introducing HappyFaceMailer!

You're gonna LOVE this one.
It's got stuff you've NEVER seen before.

(+) Custom script & design is not sold or mass produced.

(+) Guaranteed clicks on banners and email ads (wow!)

(+) Earn cash and credits when referring new members!

(+) Email your ads multiple times a day - NO limits!!

==> Use the Exposure Click Tool...
==> Use the Credit Snatcher Tool...
==> Use the Pick A Side Credit Lotto Tool...

(+) All countries and languages welcome.

(+) Find 50 happy faces = 1 FREE mailing to the ENTIRE HappyFaceMailer membership. Easy!

(+) Click banners AND email ads for credits!

(+) Your banner ad will show on your signups page - constant traffic without even trying!

(+) Surprise HappyFace Boxes to find (in members area).

(+) Find the most happy faces, get your bigger 468x60 banner shown on all pages, a winner every hour!


HappyFace Hourly Winner is: admin
Maryanne Myers

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3625 members - Open: 1241 days
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